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Hi, my name is Moira Gelman and I’m from SafetyNow.

Have you ever wondered how or why anyone would decide to pursue a career in health and safety?

When we are small children we are always asked “what do you want to be when you grow up?” Have you ever heard a child say, “I want to be a health and safety consultant?”

The answer to that question is usually laughter.

The children very often say they want to be astronauts, ballet dancers, actors and actresses.

But very often the answer is “fireman/woman, policeman/woman, doctor, nurse and teachers.”

When you look at those answers then you can see that they want to save lives, quality of life, and give people the knowledge to make the right decisions.

That’s exactly what a health and safety consultant and trainer does, we make a difference.

How I Can Help You

Prevention is better than cure

Doing nothing to protect your employees may land up costing you money that should be in your pocket. Doing nothing can cost you court fees, fines, increased insurance premiums and unhappy staff.

Keeping your business safe

Good quality training that is relevant and meaningful will keep your business safe. We will tailor all the courses to your business requirements.

Ensuring you sleep at night

Knowing that all your employees have the knowledge to work safely and make the correct decisions means that you can sleep at night without any worries.

Growing your

Knowing that all your health and safety training has been taken care of by a by a professional person means that you can concentrate on doing what you do best… growing your business.

Doing the very best for you

Our mission is to do the very best for you and your business. We will work with you, giving you feedback and ensuring your health and safety culture improves continuously.

Looking for advice about your health and safety training?

Training Courses

SafetyNow are proud to have trained

KiSS your HandS

Get your copy of ‘KiSS your HandS’ - Keep it Simply Safe your Health and Safety.
Your free guide including forms, checklists and policies helping you to protect yourself, your employees and your bottom line.

  • Thank you, Moira,! Wish you were delivering the course TBH, quite a few people here know you and we all agree your delivery of material is top notch! 👌

    Feb 2020 (Leeds UK)
  • Thank you so much Moira, I think it’s all good because of your perfect teaching skill. You really are a perfect teacher. Thank you.

    Jan 2020 (China)
  • Moira, you’re superb. Igor and I have not met a better teacher, although we have attended many courses.

    Oct 2019 (Kazakhstan)

"Takeaway" A Story of Food Safety!

Get your copy of "Takeaway" A Story of Food Safety!.
A free guide including food hygiene checklists to help you protect yourself, your employees and your bottom line.

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